Minecraft mansion in real life!!

This is what Persson should have purchased.

I wish. I’ve been seeing in recent news that Minecraft creator just bought a really expensive mansion in Beverly Hills. I feel like it was a missed opportunity that he did not use his massive wealth to have a mansion built out of Minecraft blocks. That would be so novel, and such a fascinating place to live and visit.

I’m going to use this story as an excuse to talk about wealth. Markus Persson spent $70 million on his new mansion.

Here’s my question: what is he going to do with a mansion? Live there, obviously… but that’s a lot of space. Does he even have anyone to share that space with?

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, why do mansions even exist? Is it so that the absurdly wealthy can have a visual reminder that they are absurdly wealthy? Host parties that only other absurdly wealthy people are allowed to go to?

And if you must have a mansion, why does it have to be a $70 million one? Why not $10 million?

I just don’t understand it. Beverly Hills is in Los Angeles, the city with one of the largest homeless populations in the nation. If I had $70 million to throw at a place to live, I’d just buy a small little home for every single homeless person in that city. I’m sure I’d still have plenty of money left over to buy a smaller mansion for myself.

Sorry, that’s actually not true… If you spent even just $50k per house, you’d only be able to house 1400 people (assuming that each home held only a single person).

I guess I’m just bitter. I’m bitter that there’s a massive wage gap. I’m in debt. Many people live paycheck to paycheck. Some people are homeless. It’s such a terrible world we live in where so many real people are at the behest of little green pieces of paper. I’m happy for all those who have earned their wealth (after all, I’d love to become wealthy myself someday!!), but it does sadden me that people suffer because they don’t have enough money to get by.

Sorry for the depressing post. Here’s a picture I just drew of a cat. It is gray and standing on a red carpet. The wall behind it is a nice light green color. It looks very happy. Cats don’t care about the wage gap.