Best movie ever.

Boyhood is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today. You need to go buy it right now. I already did.

Boyhood is not only a piece of cinematic history, a unique film that’s eternally going to be discussed by all those who love film. Seriously, film societies and schools were talking about this movie nonstop in the months leading to its release, and have been talking about it even more since it hit theaters this past summer.

And now anyone can watch it whenever they want. Which is really important, because very few people have even seen Boyhood. Unsurprisingly, as an indie movie, it went under many peoples’ radar. It was in theaters for a short time only, had little promotion, and didn’t make a lot of money. Because that’s the fate of movies that don’t have Hollywood backing.

Boyhood, whether you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, single or taken, is a relatable film. You will connect to its story, because it really doesn’t have a story. It’s story is merely an accurate depiction of life, from youth to young-adulthood. Which is rather incredible.

Films themselves are artistic statements. Every movie is just an audiovisual sentence, lesson, or belief. Films are carefully crafted to tell a specific statement and make the viewer feel something. Maybe the film wants its viewers to feel a certain way, or maybe it just wants them to think about and consider the message.

Boyhood, very effectively, disregards that rule, which is why I called it incredible. Unlike all other movies that carefully craft each scene to point towards the film’s overall statement, scenes in Boyhood were just made up over time. The movie was filmed over the course of 12 years, so there was always plenty of time to come up with the next scene. Seeing the characters actually age, and seeing the finished product, what is essentially a 3-hour montage of random unrelated life experiences, make this movie, without a doubt, incredible.

I probably have sounded like a rambling, bumbling idiot in this blog post. I really don’t know how to explain, through text or any other means, just how good it is. You just have to see it to understand. I have only watched this movie once and it was life-changing, and instantly became my favorite film ever.