Jon Stewart’s Epic Inside Jokes

Last night was the January 15 episode of The Daily Show. I was in the audience. Before the show begins, host Jon Stewart takes a few questions from the audience. The questions asked were terrible and fantastic. And Jon kept hilariously mentioning them during the show, even though viewers at home weren’t privy to the question-and-answer session.

"Boom! I collect wrists!"
“Boom! I collect wrists!”

At the top of show, Jon said “We have a great show, but first I want to show you something: boom! I collect wrists. I’m a wrist-ologist.” He held up his wrists to show them.

He went on to explain that an audience member, who was wearing multiple watches on each of his own wrists, had asked him before the show started, “I was wondering if you collect watches.”

Flashback to the Q&A. Previous to that question, an audience member asked, “What is the weirdest thing an audience member has ever asked?” and Jon didn’t really have a good answer. But after hearing the question about watches, Jon said, “Actually, this would be the weirdest thing an audience member has ever asked.”

Then Jon held up his own wrists to show that he did not wear watches. He then asked the man why he would ask such a question. The man said, “I’m a horologist.” He pronounced the first syllable of “horologist” as “whore.” Maybe that’s exactly how the word is pronounced, but it sounded funny. Jon said, “I think we’re all whore-ologists.”

It was a very nice touch that Jon kicked off the show making a joke about this person’s very strange question.

Back to the show. The first bit on the show had Jon talking about Keystone XL pipeline. But that’s irrelevant to this part that had the audience start cracking up:

Jon smacked his hand on his desk for no reason.

Flashback to the Q&A. One of the audience members asked, or to be more accurate, stated, “You always smack your hand on your desk at random intervals, and now I find myself doing that all the time!”

And Jon was shocked. He said, “Wait, I smack the desk?” The whole audience nodded. He looked to the show’s crew members and asked the same question. They nodded too. “Have I always done that?” Jon asked. The whole audience was cracking up. Jon does smack the desk, often, and everyone has noticed it but him. He’s hosted the show for nearly two decades and never noticed! It was hilarious, and Jon was very thankful to get that feedback.

Back to the show. So when he first smacked his desk, just 3 minutes into the show, the audience started laughing, and so did Jon. He had to explain on the show why everyone in the audience had just started laughing.

Flashback to the Q&A. The man who commented that Jon always smacked his desk was pretty handsome. Right after his question, a group of ladies asked this question: “Don’t you think that guy looks a lot like Bradley Cooper?”

Jon said, “Only slightly,” and concluded with help from the audience that the man looked more like a mix between Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn. The audience member was thus dubbed “Sean Cooper.” Jon said to Sean, “Hey, watch out. There’s a group of six horny ladies over there. They probably aren’t even going to be watching the show!”

"Sean Cooper." Real name unknown. This was his 15 seconds of fame on The Daily Show.
“Sean Cooper.” Real name unknown. This was his 15 seconds of fame on The Daily Show.

Back to the show. The interview in this episode was with Sienna Miller, a leading actress in the recent movie American Sniper. You know who else stars in that movie? Bradley Cooper. Jon’s first question to her was, “How well do you know Bradley Cooper?” And then he asked, “If Bradley Cooper was here… would you spot him?” Miller said, “Yes, in a heartbeat.” Jon said, “Alright, how about a guy who doesn’t really look like him?” Audience member Sean Cooper got a shout-out during the interview. He was very modest when the camera turned towards him, covering his face in mild embarassment. Sienna Miller said, without any prompting, that he looked like both Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper. She hadn’t even heard the Q&A, but saw the combination right away! It was hilarious.

The whole show was totally fantastic. A lot of people were getting photos with Sean Cooper after it ended.

Also, today is my birthday!