12 years a slave to Fuddruckers

The title of this post is just a play on words. If I was a slave to Fuddruckers, it was by choice because it was so great.

Fuddruckers. It’s a restaurant chain. I used to live near one, until I was 12, when my family moved away. It was in Annapolis. Fuddruckers was my favorite restaurant, and I remember always wanting to go there on my birthdays.

A week ago I turned 23. And a few days ago, I visited some friends, and Jesus (who I guess is also a friend), in Annapolis and got stranded there. Now, my friends and I already had dinner plans. We were going to go a classy bar. But, tragedy struck! We arrived at the bar, and it was totally packed and we couldn’t get in. That was the moment I remembered where I was, and my childhood tradition.

I said, “You guys! I just turned 23. When I was a kid, I’d always go to Fuddruckers on my birthdays. That’s where we should go to eat right now.”

And holy moly we did go to Fuddruckers. I was amazed that, in the 11 years since I had last been there, the restaurant was still right where it had always been. It never closed down or moved.

We went inside. There was always an arcade in Fuddruckers, but that’s the part of the restaurant that must have taken a cut… there were few arcade machines, and no cool ones. But that’s not important! The food, the atmosphere, the company of my friends… that’s the good stuff.

One of my friends offered to pay for my meal out of respect for my birthday (which I thought was insanely generous, as my birthday was actually a week prior), and then when I had walked to the table she stayed behind to ask the staff to sing to me. Apparently, after asking the manager, he said, “We don’t celebrate birthdays, but we can embarass him.” Hilarious.

It was so great when the staff came out and sang to me. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I think the best part was that I got to tell the store manager himself about how this was my favorite restaurant as a kid, and how excited I was to be there again, 11 years later. Adding to the awe of the moment was the fact that they gave me a sizeable piece of chocolate cake that was really good. 

And you know what’s really funny? My friend who paid for my dinner and asked them to sing to me is celebrating her birthday TODAY. BOOM! Full circle.