Terry Crews – Great Man? Or Greatest Man?!

The Perfect Man.

I’ll give you the short answer: greatest man. Terry Crews is the world’s greatest man, hands-down. He is my hero, and he should be your hero. He is everything- an artist, an actor, a comedian, a writer, an athlete, a husband and a father. He recently did an AMA on Reddit, and said this:

“I’m not a motivational speaker, I’m a motivational DOER! I want to show you what’s possible.”

And he has shown us. He has three TV shows, and a bestselling book, he finds enough time to workout and maintain his insanely-ripped body, he spends time with his family, and never feels like he’s working. But he’s humble, he’s constantly expressing thanks and gratitude to others. He knows it wasn’t his efforts alone that brought him success. But he does talk about the importance of working hard.

I can’t even write this post. Terry Crews is just too amazing to describe with words. Seriously, he is the perfect man. Every man should aspire to be as much like Terry Crews as possible. That doesn’t mean everyone should become actors and former NFL players… but it means being hard-working, humble, grateful, loving, and happy. It’s hard to believe that a human being as incredible as Terry Crews even exists.

I feel like I’m degrading any credibility I may have had by geeking out so thoroughly in this post. I just can’t contain myself. Terry Crews is so amazing, and I want to express how grateful I am that he is such a role model to men, and all people.

He uses his renown as a platform to share positive messages and encourage and entertain others. He loves himself, he loves you, he is Terry Crews.