Why YouTube is the Future

Hank Green (one of my favorite YouTubers), Glozell (famous for popularizing the cinnamon challenge), and Bethany Mota (who is on every poster in ever shopping mall).
Hank Green (one of my favorite YouTubers), Glozell (famous for popularizing the cinnamon challenge), and Bethany Mota (who is on every poster in every shopping mall).

Because even the President says so. While addressing Bethany Mota in the “YouTube Interview with President Obama,” Barack Obama said, “Your voice is more powerful than the President of the United States.” And he was right.

No one watches CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. In fact, no one even watches the news on TV. Well, some people do, but it’s mostly much older folk. Today, everything that people see is online.

I remember in one of my journalism classes (because I totally, actually have a degree in mass media), my class was talking about how news media is on the precipice of a revolution. And in case you haven’t noticed, it is, and The YouTube Interview with President Obama is proof.

Traditional news outlets aren’t relevant anymore. The downfall of newspapers and magazines has been discussed again and again. Broadcasting is coming to an end as well. The Internet is just too powerful to let these old outlets live on.

I’m a young person. Very few people my age are politically active, or even politically interested. We exist in a society today where politics are dominated by clumsy old men who have no idea what life is like for regular Americans, especially young adults like myself and my many millions of peers around the nation. So it’s not that surprising that no one is politically active– who even cares about the issues that old dudes are arguing about? And on TV, no less, which people don’t watch anymore.

But we should care. It’s just hard to care, because the world of news media doesn’t cater to young people. It caters to old people, you know, the people who actually still consume the news (and even then, from awful, unreliable sources like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, so it’s almost like no one is consuming the news).

The fact is, us young people have the power to control the future of this nation. We just don’t care, as evidenced by the lowest midterm election turnout since a-really-really-long-time-ago. But of course we don’t care. The two-party system is broken and pointlessly divisive, we have politically-appointed judges who serve for life, and perhaps most significant is the fact I keep repeating: that we don’t have any news outlets that treat us properly, give us dignity.

But we have YouTube. Some people still think YouTube is just for meager homemade videos made my total amateurs, but those people are so dead wrong. YouTube has seen “stars” pop up (like Hank Green, Glozell, and Bethany Mota who got to interview Obama) because we connect with them, and they with us. Hank Green’s show Vlogbrothers is entertaining, engaging, and helpfully informative. He is more popular than any news networks on TV.

My demographic has taken to YouTube to create real online communities, where people are interested and involved. It is through progressive outlets like YouTube that young people can band together and shape the future. We already are.