Double-spacing after a period and why you should not do it

Sloth is someone who would probably use two spaces after a period. Do you want to be like Sloth? Actually, Sloth is awesome, so I take it back. We all want to be like Sloth.

This is an open letter to people who hit the spacebar twice after typing a period, instead of just hitting the spacebar a single time.

Please stop. You might notice when you read books or news articles that you most-often see only a single space used after the conclusion of each sentence. That is the correct way to write. Feel free to refer to the Associated Press Stylebook.

I don’t know the exact origin behind the mass movement to start using two spaces after a period. I wildly imagine it has something to do with a large group of people being upset with the current state of society, who are eager to change the status quo in every possible way, by engaging in pseudo-radical behavior.

I call it pseudo-radical, because using two spaces after a period is radical in the sense that it is unexpected, but I specifically say “pseudo”-radical because, for goodness’ sake, we are talking about the number of spaces after a period, a topic so insignificant that it’s barely even worth writing about.

But enough people put two spaces after a period, and it irks me often enough (for some weird reason), that I do think this is worth writing about. Also, this is an unpopular blog that I write for a hobby, so I am certainly entitled to write about this subject if I wish.

Anyway, I already made my only point when I said “refer to the Associated Press Stylebook.” Seriously, do that. Here’s a link. Here are two quotes from that link:

“Use a single space after a period.”

“The content of newspapers and other mass media is typically the result of many different writers and editors working together. AP style provides consistent guidelines for such publications in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation and language usage.”

The second quote is more important (hence the bold font). It is vital that we all write in the same style so that we can, as best possible, understand each other.

You might think that putting two spaces after a period wouldn’t really lead to misunderstandings. However, because using two spaces after a period is simply incorrect, it serves as a distraction, and some amount of meaning is lost because I will focus (admittedly for only a very brief moment) on the fact that two spaces were used instead of one, rather than fully focus on the content of the message.

I hope my point has been made. Please use a single space only after each sentence you write.

With love,

Michael Squirrel

P.S. There are worse word-crimes than this– People who don’t know the difference between “to,” “two” and “too;” “your” and “you’re,” and so on. Don’t even get me started on people who use made-up words like “irregardless” (which, if it was a word, would mean the same thing as “regardless”).