I wish Mad Max wasn’t feminist

Hear me out! That title is such clickbait.

I was fashionably late to the Mad Max Fury Road party but I’ve finally seen it and it was definitely amazing and immediately should earn a place as one of the greatest action films of all time. Period!

Immortan Joe. Very spooky. I think I’ll be him for next Halloween.

Speaking of periods, one of the main things I’ve been hearing about the film is that it has some very strong feminist messages. And… it really does! Imperator Furiosa is a totally awesome protagonist who demonstrates that women can easily fit right in with the very same kinds of roles that men have traditionally always played– the buzz-cut-wearing, one-armed, tough-as-nails, expert marksman (markswoman?), expert fighter, character. In addition to her awesomeness, and her obvious role as the hero of the story, her mission is to end the harvesting of women for babies and milk, and so she gathers up all the wives of the creepy Immortan Joe and drives off to find a safe haven for them.

So the film definitely is very “pro women.” But what disappoints me is that what this film does isn’t already the norm. How come we’ve never shown women as the heroic badasses before? How come we’ve never realized how bad it is to be harvesting womens’ bodies for their biological goods? I wish Mad Max wasn’t seen as feminist because I wish it was considered normal for women to be heroes, and for women to save other women. It’s not like men are the only ones capable of doing those things.

Anyway, go see Mad Max. Feminism aside, it’s an incredible action movie. I was freaking out during the scene in the dust storm, which was probably the most exciting thing I’ll see all year.