Jurassic World WON’T suck, says director and lead actress

I am super duper hype for the upcoming Jurassic World. Heck, at this point I feel like I’ve written about Jurassic World more than I’ve written about feminism, my other favorite topic of late. As excited as I am, I’ve consistently had the feeling, after seeing all the trailers and promotional things, that it’s not going to be very good. It just… doesn’t look like it will be that great. I’ve always felt that Jurassic Park is a series that should be philosophical horror films, but this one is being presented as an action-adventure that actually completely misunderstands dinosaurs. Here are some facts from the trailers that, to me, make this movie sound like it will be bad:

  • “Our genetically-engineered dinosaur is bigger than a T-Rex!” even though many dinosaurs were bigger than T-Rexes already.
  • “Something’s wrong… they’re communicating” but all animals communicate, and we’ve already seen the dinosaurs communicating in all 3 of the Jurassic Park movies so far, so that line just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Seriously, unless the dinosaurs all start unexpectedly communicating in fluent English, I don’t think that line is appropriate anywhere in the movie.
  • “You don’t have enough guns!” and then it cuts to shots of people shooting lots of guns and throwing grenades at dinosaurs. Looks like they have enough guns to me. Also, I’d rather see people helplessly rely on their wit, rather than just get into shootouts with the dinos. Like in the first movie. You know, the only good one.
Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will get me to believe that training velociraptors is a cool idea. “Hey, let’s take the main villains and make them domesticated! You know, like dogs! They’ll still be cool, like attack dogs or something, but they won’t be as cool as in the first movies” ~how I predict the planning meeting went.

Anyway, I need to stop ranting, because director Colin Trevorrow and leading actress Bryce Dallas Howard have recently said that the movie really isn’t like how it’s been depicted in the trailers. So my understanding is now that the publisher just decided to make the most generic, everyone-will-find-something-to-like-about-this, trailer, designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And that’s why it looks like a very lame and sadly-typical Hollywood blockbuster.

But hey, if the actual people involved with the film, and not just the dude they hired to make a trailer, says that the movie is actually quite different than how we’re being made to perceive it right now, then I’ll go ahead and trust them. I’m really excited, and I want this movie to be great.

I need less free time to write ridiculous blog posts like this…