Why do we love children but hate adults?

You think this is cute…
…But you think this person is making a fool of himself. Especially once you learn that he’s a competitive ice cream eater.

Everyone loves kids, and kids can get away with everything. Adults don’t have the same luxury. Adults are often not loved by others, and none of their mistakes or bad behavior are easily pardoned. It really bothers me that we treat children so differently from adults.

Problem 1: Kids are adorable. It’s easy to forgive kids for anything they do wrong because they are just so darn cute!

Problem 2: People tend to say, “Adults should know better.” This is more-or-less true, but I’ve met a lot of dumb adults and a lot of mature kids, so I would say it’s also more-or-less a myth that all adults are going to know better.

Problem 3: We expect kids to be annoying. If a child is being annoying or frustrating, that’s just the expectation we have and so we tolerate that behavior. But if an adult is being annoying, then there will be immediate judgment!!

Problem 4: For some reason, kids are just funnier than adults. Maybe it’s because they are little people with higher-pitched voices interacting with a “grown-up” world, using the same words and body language that we adults use. Anything that a child says is funny, but adults need to try really hard to be funny.

Believe it or not, these are all pretty serious problems. We adults are so quick to judge each other and find things to hate about each other. But no one ever judges kids. “Kids are still learning,” we might say, to excuse any bad choices a child makes. But, adults are still learning too! Seriously. Learning and personal growth occurs from the moment we’re born until the day we die.

I would be really happy if we treated adults with the same kind of love and acceptance that we so quickly give to children. Why are so many of us unable to tolerate the mistakes and weaknesses of our adult peers? It really bothers me. Like I wrote in my last blog post, other peoples’ imperfection should be the expectation.

Why does anyone ever judge anyone to begin with? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s as if we are taught while growing up to discriminate against others over the most arbitrary qualities, and to disdain those around us. I guess that’s the adulthood that our adorable, lovable children are heading towards.

Unless we all stop judging each other and start to love each other instead.