I’ve seen Episode VII twice

Star Wars Tickets

Last night, Star Wars Episode VII arrived in theaters. It was such a hyped movie that there was no way I wouldn’t be seeing it opening day. I watched the original movies all the time when I was a kid and have a lot of respect for the series, so I was pretty excited.

First, I am really glad that I got my ticket for the first showing available. The tickets were eventually sold out, so the theater was full, but I managed to find a seat in the front and center. The audience was awesome, regularly clapping and cheering and “aww”-ing and gasping through the movie. That is a great crowd to be a part of.

Then, the movie was just incredibly awesome. The filmmakers had been very secretive about what the story was, and I had deliberately avoided seeing any spoilers on the Internet. So I was going in blind, which in my opinion is the best way to see any movie. I didn’t know I was in for such an epic piece of art.

When it ended, I had a certain giddyness, a euphoria, that I hadn’t felt in a while… Movies are kind of my favorite hobby, but the theater local to me isn’t very good, and, worse than that, I’ve been super busy with grad school. Seeing this movie was such a reminder of, “Oh yeah, this activity is really great and important to me!” I was just tingling afterwards. It was an awesome feeling.

The ticket I had bought was for the 7 PM showing. When the credits ended, I walked up the counter and bought a ticket for the 9:30 PM showing, which was just starting. It was so good the first time, that I saw it again immediately afterwards. It was great to just watch it one more time and pick up on more little details that I hadn’t been able to catch the first time around.

I’ve never done something like that before, not in a theater. The only time I’ve ever even watched a movie back-to-back was when The Dark Knight Rises came out on DVD.

But it was just the best way to spend my Thursday evening. I love movies, Star Wars is such a venerable series, and this chapter in particular was just fantastic.

Next week, Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight gets released.

I think I’m in movie heaven.