Quick Review of The Jungle Book

Such a great scene.

Go see it! Imagine if The Lion King and Fellowship of the Ring had a baby together. That’s how this movie felt. Shere Khan is Scar and Baloo is totally Aragorn.

Also, if you’re a fan of fireworks, lightshows, or awesomely radical visual effects, this is for you. We’re talking better CGI than Avatar here, and a better story too (no Unobtainium here!).

If you liked Iron Man (and you know you did), this is by the same director.

There are straight up elements of terror in this movie, and as a lover of the horror genre, I was completely digging some of the scarier parts, of which there are plenty. Kids will love this and will have nightmares because of it.

If for no other reason, see it for Christopher Walken. He’s a glorious man. Or Bill Murray. Or Idris Elba, who I still wish was chosen to be the next James Bond.

Also, the soundtrack is good! I’m not too familiar with the original cartoon version of the movie, though my understanding is that it had exactly 1 memorable song. But, clearly, the composers of this film cared about the music they were creating and were respectful of where this movie came from. One of the biggest things to irk me in film is bland soundtracks.

This movie is weird because it’s a lot of things at once. There is singing, multiple times, but it’s not a musical. It’s very family-friendly but terrifying at times. It is pretty dang dramatic but not really because it’s predictable. There is an adorable child protagonist, who did a great job especially considering he was acting with CGI animals in front of a green screen. It’s hard for me to describe exactly what genre it is. Which is probably what makes it great.

If you somehow haven’t seen Batman V Superman and are still thinking about it, don’t. Go see this instead.