Features of the next Zelda game after Breath of the Wild

I haven’t written a blog post for fun in a long time! I have been playing a lot of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lately and was thinking about what I would like to see in a sequel. Here’s my list:

Experience points and leveling up

You would gain EXP not just by defeating enemies, but also by discovering new locations, finishing quests, crafting successfully, and pretty much everything you do.

And when you gained a level, you would get a certain number of “skill points” that you could allocate towards any number of abilities: Hearts and stamina are obvious ones, but also things like swim speed, climb speed, stealth armor rating, and elemental resistance. Increase one your skills enough and you’ll get perks like the ability to swim up waterfalls, faster run speed at night, complete elemental immunity, and so on.

Something I find very annoying in BotW is that I’m constantly changing my armor for the situation. I’ll wear the Stealth Armor while regularly running around so I can pick up bugs easily and run faster at night, but as soon as I want to climb I switch to the Climbing Gear, and then if I get in combat I change to the Tunic of the Wild, and if I’m swimming I change to the Zora Armor, and if it starts raining I put on the Thunder Helm. It’s so annoying! I’m always switching armor! It would be so much better to tie these skills to your character, rather than the armor that is equipped.

Weapons won’t break

I actually thought weapons breaking was a cool feature in the game. It certainly made combat more interesting, and I never felt like I was at a loss either, knowing how fragile every weapon was. But that’s also the biggest problem– especially once you start expanding your inventory, which can be pretty dramatically improved if you have collected even just a few Korok seeds, I always had so many weapons that anytime they broke didn’t really make a difference.

The Trials of the Sword DLC, in which you improve the Master Sword to the nth degree only made the feature worse– because after doing that part of the game (which, admittedly, is something only the hardcore players will ever do), you basically don’t even need to use any other weapon again.

It would be awesome if we could craft or find a weapon, and just stick to it. Also, it would be great if all weapons could be upgraded equally– so if you want to be using the Soup Ladle sword and Pot Lid shield at max level with max stats, you could, if you upgraded them enough. Speaking of that…

Armor should be cosmetic

I already mentioned how annoying it is that you have to constantly change armor in the game, but something else that bothers me is how cool some of the armor looks and yet I almost never wear it. The Hylian Tunic looks really great but is one of the most useless armor sets in the game. Certain DLC armor that can never be upgraded goes just as unused, like the Phantom Ganon Armor, or my personal favorite, the Lobster Shirt.

It would be very cool to have a sort of character creation at the beginning of the game, where you can decide Link’s hairstyle (I love seeing Link with a frazzled man-bun while wearing the Desert Voe Headband but I only ever wear it in the desert!) and his outfit. And you can change them at any time, just like in Splatoon 2.

Able to play as a boy or a girl


When BotW was first revealed, Link’s new appearance was so effeminate that many fans thought it may have been Zelda, or that you may be able to play as a female character. I think one of the reasons they made Link androgynous was so that every player could recognize a bit of themselves in him, but he was still canonically a man, and referred to as such throughout the game.

Weirder characters in the Zelda universe like Linkle prove that there definitely can be female versions of Link, and we should be able to play as a male or female character in the next game!

Better sidequests

Breath of the Wild has 90 sidequests, but every single one of them is garbage. They aren’t memorable or fun and you often aren’t given enough direction to complete it. That said, there are 42 Shrine Quests, and 20 Main Quests that are all really great, but there are tons of sidequests and they are just lame. I would rather have them removed and replaced with even just a few more shrine quests.

That’s it!

If they make those changes and keep the open world style of the game, I would be all about it. I mean, I’m sure I’ll be all about the next Zelda game anyway, this is my favorite game series of all time.