Revisiting the Historic Women’s March

I should have posted this sooner, but I thought that the massive protest known as the Women’s March, held in major and minor cities all over the country, would be the talk of the town for at least weeks to come. I was wrong. It turns out that in Trump’s America, each weekend is a new major protest, following week after week of unbelievably corrupt actions coming from Washington.

In any case, here are some simple photos and stories from the brief time I spent at the Women’s March in Los Angeles.

I took the metro to get from Santa Monica to downtown LA. It was my second time ever using the metro here, and the first time doing it by myself. I spotted this pretty green mountain and thought it made for a nice photo.
And the clouds that day looked like snow. It was a beautiful afternoon.
Still on the metro, I saw this smashed Trump pinata as I got closer towards downtown, hanging from someone’s balcony. The day was about to get weird.
I arrived later in the day, so lots of folks were already there, trying to leave. The size of the crowd was immediately obvious.
One of the first things I saw was this recycling bin full of protest signs. Some people, disrespectfully, threw trash into it also. The first thing I thought was, “Is this a ‘take a sign, leave a sign’ program?” Nah. Protest signs were simply littered all over downtown, often not even in bins or trash cans.
This photo does not convey how tightly everyone was packed into the same crowd. It was hard to breathe, and I am amazed I even got out eventually.
The stage where they had speakers, singers, and more was massive. This was the best angle I could get.
There was an awesome wall made out of the protest signs. It was just radical.
Here’s a closer look at a small section of that wall. It’s rather vulgar, but so is the fact that the president of the United States has bragged about committing sexual assault, and then refuses to take accountability for it, and says those who accuse him of sexual assault are “looking for attention.”
And of course the metro ride home was much more packed than the ride there. It was really hot in there.

I wish Mad Max wasn’t feminist

Hear me out! That title is such clickbait.

I was fashionably late to the Mad Max Fury Road party but I’ve finally seen it and it was definitely amazing and immediately should earn a place as one of the greatest action films of all time. Period!

Immortan Joe. Very spooky. I think I’ll be him for next Halloween.

Speaking of periods, one of the main things I’ve been hearing about the film is that it has some very strong feminist messages. And… it really does! Imperator Furiosa is a totally awesome protagonist who demonstrates that women can easily fit right in with the very same kinds of roles that men have traditionally always played– the buzz-cut-wearing, one-armed, tough-as-nails, expert marksman (markswoman?), expert fighter, character. In addition to her awesomeness, and her obvious role as the hero of the story, her mission is to end the harvesting of women for babies and milk, and so she gathers up all the wives of the creepy Immortan Joe and drives off to find a safe haven for them.

So the film definitely is very “pro women.” But what disappoints me is that what this film does isn’t already the norm. How come we’ve never shown women as the heroic badasses before? How come we’ve never realized how bad it is to be harvesting womens’ bodies for their biological goods? I wish Mad Max wasn’t seen as feminist because I wish it was considered normal for women to be heroes, and for women to save other women. It’s not like men are the only ones capable of doing those things.

Anyway, go see Mad Max. Feminism aside, it’s an incredible action movie. I was freaking out during the scene in the dust storm, which was probably the most exciting thing I’ll see all year.

True Fact: Now there are 2 Ghostbusters Reboots in Production

xzibit1If you really freaking love Ghostbusters, you’re in luck. Not only is everyone hyped about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot that’s getting made, but now we can be doubly hyped because there is, as SONY puts it, an “all-male” Ghostbusters reboots also in the works.

Title IX apparently now requires that anytime a movie gets made that stars female characters, a separate but equal movie must also be made that stars men.

That’s a lie. What’s not a lie is how absurd it is that they are rebooting the same film twice, at the same time. I know that Hollywood loves reboots, but I thought we already reached the bottom of the barrel when we decided to remake Footloose, shot-for-shot (the original was already perfect). Or when we made The Hangover Part 2, which was also a shot-for-shot remake of the first movie. Technically Hangover 2 was a sequel, but it was so unremarkably similar that I count it as a reboot.

I’m extremely disappointed. Hollywood is already, deservedly, accused of sexism all the time. Most film characters are men, and a bajillion movies feature gratuitous female nudity. Female nudity has been a standard concept in film since forever. Even something like Birdman, an undeniably epic film, had some lesbian action that really didn’t contribute much to the rest of the movie.

It’s rare to get female-centric films today that are actually good. I can only think of a handful: Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids… um, I’m sure there are a few others. Except there aren’t. They just don’t make movies starring women, as if women are somehow inferior or undeserving (obviously untrue).

I’m at a loss for words. This is perhaps the worst Hollywood decision that’s ever been made (then again, this industry did cancel and then un-cancel The Interview). The “traditional” “all-male” Ghostbusters reboot, coming on the heels of news about an all-female Ghostbusters reboot, reinforces the sexist ideologies of film today, as well as the insatiable thirst for cashing in on successful franchises, milking them for long after they’ve been dried out.

No one likes a reboot. Yet reboots always get made. Somehow, I don’t think Reboot ever got rebooted.